GBA Gameboy Emulators: [Android] Gameboid | GPSP [Symbian ^3, Belle, S60v5] By {Sabbir Ahmed}

 Nintendo's Gameboy is the most compartment known takeout play instrumentality in the group. The devices were originally released in the tardily 80's and somebody been sold solon than any otherwise portable gritty housing in the grouping. Gameboy Rise is the peer of Gameboy Colouring released in Nihon in 2001 and has embellish very favourite to childlike gamers with 81.51 million oversubscribed units til Dec 2009. Today, metropolis phones has embellish rattling touristy and group are hunt for a way to activity their competition

GameBoid is a well-known Gamedoy Sum Emulator engrossed by Yongzh for Android phones. Gameboid is agreeable with all favourite GBA ROMs specified as Pokemon, Super Mario, Dragon Globe and Legends of Zelda. With Gameboid you can run most games at afloat pace with safe, build on-screen keypad, load/save country at any lie, add cheats to strategy and alter between binary key profiles.


Requirements: Android 1.5+
Minimum Screen Width: 240 dpx

Download Gameboid 3 for Android

Download GPSP v0.6.5 for Symbian S60v5

Note: Install Qt first, then GPSP (if your phone is not hacked, you must sign the GPSP app, follow the instruction in the download link of GPSP to sign the app), launch GPSP, set bios, set keypads, set game ROM and enjoy!

Download GPSP v0.7 for Symbian^3

Download GPSP v0.7.1 for Symbian Belle


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