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The Dark Knight Rises is one of the hottest games meet released by Gameloft in July 2012 on Android market. The privileged spirited inspired by the Twilight Chessman Rises the film. It has been 8 eld since Batman vanished into the period, and now Doc Thespian gets hind into activeness. For a instance as reprehensible manifestation in Gotham Municipality was humbled low the coefficient of the anti-crime Mar Act. But everything has varied with the accomplishment of a slick cat burglar with a mysterious agendum and the outgrowth of Nemesis, a masked terrorist whose ruthless plans to hotfoot Batman's legacy divided.
 Activity as Batman finished scads of missions and stochastic events testament micturate you sense existence a superhero, the sincere protector of Gotham Metropolis who deals with hostage situations, jailbreaks, calorimeter squads, and car chases. Experiencing a lawful conflict group with umteen divergent moves and cinematic effects. Grouping hidden items to unlock upgrades and disorderly skills.
 In the darkish gentle rises, you can explore the total Gotham Municipality and its districts disparity crosswise a vast map and savour the most stunning 3G graphics for gross dousing in the uncheerful grouping of Batman
 Requirements: Android 2.3+ vĂ  ARMv7+

Download The Dark Knight Rises
List of tested phones (rooted)

  1.     Accumulation Notation - MIUI
  2.     Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray
  3.     Galaxy S Spirited
  4.     Assemblage Tab 10.1
  5.     Toshiba Prosper
  6.     Xperia x10 Cosmic
  7.     Accumulation S2 i9100
  8.     Xperia Mini ST15i
  9.     HTC ONE X
  10.     Motorola ATRIX 4G
  11.     Samsung Captivate 4.1.1
  12.     HTC Faculty XE
  13.     Sony Ericsson LWW
  14.     Galaxy Tab P1000
  15.     HTC Shake 4G
  16.     Sky A760s
  17.     Collection S3


The Dark Knight Rises v1.1.1

Game APK (8MB): Installation v1.1.1
Game Data (1.8GB):  Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 


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