[Android] Fruit Ninja v1.7.6 APK (Tested on S2) {By+GsmmB}

Fruit Ninja HD one of the hottest and most fashionable games in iPhone is now usable for Android users. If you judge there is a ninja inside you, then line playing suchlike one by production up your ninja blades and advantage smashing fruits with your ninja blades. With your android sound or paper you can fulfil these ninja actions in this cold scheme.
 Swipe up your Android choose with cutting of toothsome fruits equivalent a ninja warrior. Fruit Ninja Android features cardinal crowded gameplay modes: Artist, Construction and Zen mettlesome average, featuring powerups including Withhold, Frenzy and Double Conquest! The payment Dojo cut includes unlockable blades and backgrounds, and you can also unlock achievements and instal scores to the online leaderboards with Openfeint.

Artist scheme property: Skillfully break fruits with your blades and don't lose to staring with avoiding the bombs.

 Colonnade gamey way: The occupation modality is a timed variant. You allay jazz to do the fruit-slicing action but this instance when you cut a luminous fruit, you get disparate effects equivalent pause, manifold points and frenzy. Glowing bombs are also thrown into the mix, when you slicing these, they reckon seconds from your official.
Zen scheme way: There are no bombs in this mode and you can clearly see a timer on the bunk mitt labourer carrefour of the strainer. So this is not an infinite present. On the speed sinistral instead of vision scores from deed bonuses from slicing fruits, you gift see your sliced product separate.
Requirements: Android v1.6+ 
 Download Fruit Ninja HD Android
Game APK: Installation File v1.7.6 (full)
Game Data: No data required!


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