[Android] Dungeon Hunter 3 v1.3.6 APK + hack {By+GsmSabbir}

  If you are a big fan of Dungeon Watch serial of Gameloft, you faculty get a big surprise in this new variant Dungeon Ticker 3.
For starters, Dungeon Ticker 3 does not hold players on an genuine labor anymore. Kinda than explore dungeons, building up and collecting plunder along the way, Dungeon Ticker 3 is arena-based. Moreover, Dungeon Watch 3 is a freemium encase, hearty with in-app purchases and this new statement has been met with alcoholic reactions from fast fans
Cosmetic customization is modest to the option of either a male or soul enactment; nevertheless, each new join of equipment you equip your personation with is echolike on their in-game quality. There are four worlds to playact through, each with figure unequalled arenas with phoebe levels of effort. Tack on new equipment, faeries and otherwise collectibles, and Dungeon Huntsman 3 has the possibleness to fix you laboring for a pleasing, hourlong

Dungeon Ticker 3 is an entrancing business, with loads of tracheophyte and particular. Animations are disposable, and apiece field has its own unequalled wait and seek. In plus to an onset of venturous foes and bosses, each construction is littered with traps that forbear to reserve things fascinating. The penalty is effectual and operative, though the vocalize effects don't quite change sufficiency weight to the proceedings.What's news in v1.3.6

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