iTools English Version 2012-0216E Free Download

 iTools Land newest variant was released on Feb. 16th. The new variation is iTools 2012 Beta 0216, and there are many improvements on the supposition of sometime version. The tailing are several new features.

What's New:

1. Add iTunes blessing management.

2. Add Abstraction of apps further into iTools app lib. Now can be classified by second.

3. Optimize FileSystem.

4. Now the Folder can be distant properly from Competition

5. Add Route to cutoff the activity

6. Name new Plist editor

7. Add tag stuff

8. Add road key similar F5 for refreshen, Ctrl+D for import, Ctrl+S for save, Ctrl+Z for turn.

9. Now euphony can be sorted by ID3 cover No.

10. IOS 4.3.3 SMS restoring won't create new talk.

11. Optimize Illustration loading hurry.


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