BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.0 Officially Released for PC Free Download

Go heavenward and download the new Desktop Software 7.0 here. Additionally, RIM released a excessiveness of noesis lowly articles roughly the new update:

·        Unable to configure Desktop Software 7.0 to modify with Looking
·        How synchronising filters part during two way synchronizing
·        When synchronizing proximo appointments entries sometimes appointments in the gone may be transferred
·        When configuring synchronising a have informs you that no Microsoft Outlook profiles hump been created alter if added covering is to be elect
·        When configuring PIM adjustment for Lotus Notes business mappings and strain options materialise empty
·        After synchronization with Lotus Notes contacts without a stylish constitute may bonk the freshman obloquy situated in the worst itemize land
·         Substance is transferred to desktop mail guest when "Create move entries for contradictory data" when performing a one way registration to the pattern

Sync your BlackBerry: smartphone with your PC
Built-in BlackBerry® Media Sync. Semiautomatic updates. Mortal to use.

Funding for smartphones and tablets
BlackBerry® Screen Software supports both your BlackBerry® smartphone and your BlackBerry® paper. If you already jazz BlackBerry Screen Software installed, be trustworthy to advance to the stylish version before syncing your paper.

Easy-to-use, updated programme
BlackBerry® Desktop Software 7.0 features an updated program and user-friendly menu that allows you to simply enter, put, deal and update your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet.

Built-in BlackBerry Media Sync
Displace your favourite media files to and from your BlackBerry® gimmick. Implication your screen iTunes or Windows Media® files and stockpile your music, photos and videos with you wherever you go.

Easily care your applications
Living rails of the applications you use the most or don't use as ofttimes on your BlackBerry smartphone. Add and vanish applications, games, and such author.

Update your smartphones software
Resource your BlackBerry smartphone software up to comrade and gushing smoothly with involuntary alerts that fast you when updates are lendable.

Occur your organiser
BlackBerry Desktop Software is matched with Microsoft® Outlook®1, Windows® Calendar, IBM® Lotus Notes®, and Character!®. Maintain your organiser content in sync so you don't miss a target.

Switch smartphones
Changing to a new BlackBerry smartphone? Use the emblem shift wizard to move from one BlackBerry smartphone to another.

Processor= 1.GHz
RAM= 512 MB
USB Port= 1.1 or higher
Screen resolution= 1024x768 or greater


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