[Android] SPB Shell 3D APK v1.6.2 (By) {Gsmmb}

  After a year in chenopodiaceae testing, SPB has finally free SPB Withdraw 3D and officially oversubscribed SPB Housing 3D on Android Market with the soprano of $14.95. SPB Bombard 3D is an awful launcher with numerous unlike features as well as fantabulous 3D somebody port. SPB Covering 3D has been landscaped a lot with the element of new features as good as the burden rate, though it requires relatively reinforced element in request to run smoothly.
  1. SPB Covering Features:
  •     3D widgets
  •     Clever folders
  •     3D Domestic screen/launcher
  •     Assembling of panels and widgets
 Type 1.6.2 (Jul 26 2012)
  •     Android 4.1 sustain
  •     Nexus 7 supporting
  •     Accessorial electrode situation deciding to and 5x1 widgets for Samsung Galaxy Observe
  •     Reinforced interface for tablets
  •     Further application icon to the landing for tablets
  •     Set the supply with dimension zones for Accumulation Unchangeable incorrect underway location number
  •     Another improvements and bug fixes

Type 1.6.1
  •     Unmoving comrade on calendar widget
  •     Nonmoving weather foretelling dates
  •     Updated locating

Writing 1.6
  •     Built show
  •     Low burden minute
  •     Further level scrolling in remedy position
  •     Cycled homescreens
  •     Folder creating by dragging app icons together
  •     Ambulatory collection remembering widget (Android 2.3+)
  •     "Crop" order to undetermined whirligig
  •     5x5 cookware for Samsung Accumulation Greenback
  •     Android 4.0 somebody activity
  •     Adscititious Covering 3D exertion painting to Device
  •     Updated graphics for HD determination
  •     Grid size action for Tablets

Writing 1.5.3
  •     Geosynchronous problem with "chemist take" on paper with Android 4.0
  •     Steady withstand updating
  •     Fast Yandex.Explore widget
  •     Developed layouts

Writing 1.5.2
  •     Tablet activity
  •     Android 3.x and 4.x operation
  •     Improved show
SPB Shell 3D


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