[Android] Paladog 2 Free Full Download Apk {By+Sabbir Ahmed}

 Paladog 2, an fantabulous strategy/simulation occupation, has released on Android Activity since 2011. The gamey has attained a cluster of awards specified as first seller occupation 2011, best brave you acquire e'er played on Apple App Store, and Gilded Subsidization on Incurvation Gamer. In 2012, the gamey is appointed as  the unexceeded iPhone proposition Fearless of the Twelvemonth and top strategy and representation brave
 Paladog 2 plot starts with a far later on concern when the covetousness and selfishness of anthropomorphic hold irresistible and the god eventually settle to cancel the uncastrated human. Then, critters - the clear and pacification attached creatures - bonk presented a assay to pioneer their own excellence. Meantime the devils are struggling to reach iniquity minds and hold invaded the critterland with zombies, witches, skeletons and symmetric receiver sets. However the critters mortal lived length
{fight again the undeads. In the darkest moment when critters are near to consecrate up, a paladin appears and campaign backwards for the quietness of critterland. It is up to you in enactment of the paladog to licking those undeads. Are you bullocky enough to strike them on?

 Game Features:
  •     Suggest the discoverer around freely to engagement or living your units
  •     Gloriole spells to increment your measure of win the effort
  •     Germinate skills to designate artificer abilities
  •     60 types of enemies with various skills
  •     20 equippable witching items for inventor organization
  •     Adorable cartoonlike characters and animations
  •     9 favorable characters can be deployed on the try tract
  •     Whopping 120 stages including pass1 out missions, 3 mini games and hirer stages

Requirement: Android 2.1+  

Download Game (17MB)


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