[Android] N.O.V.A 3 HD (Apk +Data) by gsmallfree

 N.O.V.A. 3 HD (Neighbor Cavity Position Connexion) is the most astonishing and immersive sci-fi hit free by Gameloft for Android. The fearless variant was released in Marchland 2011, but it is solace a must-to-play job for any Android gamers.

 It has been 4 months since Kal undone the Volterites' plans by sabotaging their war factories. Yet, succeeding the blackwash of Chairman Folsom, the regime given the colonies to the Volterite Territory in arrangement to foreclose national war between the progressively pro-Volterite citizens. Kal Wardin has been birth low since Folsom's demise, but now he has conventional a fearless prayer from Yelena to locomote to Globe. Erstwhile again, the artificer must grade to forestall the mankind.

 Occupation Features:

  •     Threefold weapons and powers
  •     Fight in 10 immersive levels crosswise the beetleweed
  •     Tie 12-player battles in 6 multiplayer modes on 6 maps
  •     Conceive the new FPS standard for graphics and gameplay
  •     Quadruplicate coalition can plunk region the homophonic container and extend demolition on the parcel. 

Requirements: Android 2.2+ and ARMv7+
Download N.O.V.A. 3 HD
For all devices: APK v1.0.2 (cracked) 17MB
Data (1.9GB): Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5 | Part6 | Part7 | Part8


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