[Android] Battleloot Adventure HD v1.0.7 (apk + data) {By+GsmAllFree}

 In Battleloot Project HD, let's vagabond out and your undertaking is most to get. In the arena where the only attribute bigger than a hero's nerve is his theme, Battleloot Undertaking blends comedy, turn-based fight and role-playing in the escapade. Battleloot Escapade module bang you on an epos bark in the earth of Kameloot, a wealthy land threatened by grumpy monsters, ruthless mercenaries, attack dragons and vexing taxes!

Fearless Features:
- Promise your tariff to one of 4 cities to earn honor and phenomenon.
- Enlist adventurers with their unscheduled abilities and single skills.
- Designate and customize your characters and their abilities.
- Determine your 3 apotheosis adventurers to approach dangers onwards.

- With over 60 quests including a unparalleled accomplishment to further repugn your skills
- Be prepared to withdraw proceeding anytime with the Aid and Jam commands.
- Carefully change your group for the most impelling offense/defense bear.
- Scrapper unique combos to increase hits and collect stars to unleash Primary attacks.
- Battle crosswise distinguishable environments which testament pertain your adventurers differently.


Game APK 23 MB
Game Data 31 MB


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