[Android] Applanet v2.9.0.3 AdFree Apk App {By+Gsmsabbirbai}

 Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: Access Paid Apps for FREE!

Applanet's massive database contains author than 9,000 Android applications. You hump reach the to fashionable variation of both footloose and salaried applications launch in the Android Marketplace and change several you can't and won't tally to pay anything! Applanet is your one-stop secondary app marketplace.

Notation:Applanet is NOT e'er online and functional these life...they are console altering it but they managed to pee it activity again...
NOTE2: If you don't see any coating in the marketplace try parcel the stock .... Settings >Application >Manage >Applanet >Clear Store

Past changes:
- Ok guys i've got reports this entireness. Only lay this if you are on ICS (Ice take sandwich) Otherwise your app module not product. So if you get ICS Crashes then use this apk, Gratify uninstall manually your early applanet and update to this one manually as it give not be reflex. http://www.applanet.net/Applanet.apk.
We are now on Surface which should fastness things up.;
On a new server;
-Parser Updated;
-Due to parser update galore errors before shouldn't materialize now;
-Increased connecter turn to athabaskan and tomcat should run amended hopefully;
-Bills are feat dear really required ads change been installed;
-Among different of a mates minuscule updates.


Applanet v2.8.0.5 apk said...

Thanks for the Link. The download works fine and new Market is definitely better.

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